Talks and Demos

 My talk on "Imagination supervised Machines that can See, Create, Drive, and Feel", KAUST AI Conference, 2021, click on the image


Imagination Inspired AI, CEMSE, 2020


My Creative Adversarial Network Demo at the official FAIR video, June 2018


United Nations: My Take on AI for Mother Nature, Nov 2018


CAN at HBO Silicon Valley ‎(Season 5, Episode 3)‎, 2018

 Facebook F8 (The annual high impact Facebook Conference) Presentation, May 2018 with Camille Couprie  (Click to Watch)

·        Talk: “Imagination Inspired Vision”, Google Cloud AI Research, Sunnyvale,  May, 2019

·        Talk: “Imagination Inspired Vision”, UC BerkeleyBerkeley,  April, 2019

·        Talk: “Imagination Inspired Vision”, Stanford UniversityStanford,  April, 2019 (Stanford Vision Lab and Geometric Computing)

·        Talk: “Imagination Inspired Vision”, AAAI Symposium on Imagination based AI, Stanford University, March, 2019

·       Talk: “Imagination Inspired Vision”, Twitch, San Francisco, March, 2019

·       Talk: “Imagination Inspired Vision”, Adobe Research, San Jose, February, 2019

·       Talk: “Imagination Inspired Vision”, Baidu Research, Sunnyvale, February,  2019

·       Talk: “Imagination Inspired Vision”, Google Brain,  Mountain View, January, 2019

·       Talk: “Immaginative AI for Mother Nature.”, United Nation Biodiversity Conference,  November, 2018

·       Talk:  “Imagination Inspired Vision”,  the first annual FAIR conference on October, 2018

·       Talk:  invited talk at Technical University of Munich in a workshop preceeding ECCV18, Sept, 2018

·       Talk:  Oral presentation at the main Facebook F8  conference, May, 2018,

·       TalkDesIGN: Design Inspiration from Generative Networks”, GAN symposium,  Facebook,  Menlopark, CA                        Nov, 2017

·       Demo “Creative AI @ FB”,  NIPS,  Longbeach, CA                                                                                                                    Dec, 2017

·       Talk “Creative Adversarial Networks”, GAN symposium, Facebook,  Menlopark, CA                                                               Nov, 2017

·       Talk “Creative Adversarial Networks”, the best of AI meeting, Disney Innovation Group, Burbank, CA                                    Sept, 2017

·       Talk “AI Research at Facebook” Representing FAIR to executives of industrial partners, Facebook,  Menlopark, CA              July, 2017

·       Talk: “Sherlock: Scalable Fact Learning in Images” at AAAI, San Francisco, CA                                                             Feb. 2017

·       PhD Defense: “Language Guided Visual Perception”, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ                                               Sept. 2016

·       Talk: “Teaching Machines to See with Language”, Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA                                                  July 2016

·       Talk: “Teaching Machines to See with Language”, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA                                  May 2016

·       Talk: “Teaching Machines to See with Language”, Disney Research, Piitsburgh, PA                                                       April 2016

·       Talk: “Teaching Machines to See with Language”, Mid-Atlantic Meeting on Computer Vision,” John Hopkins University    May 2016

·       Talk:Zero Shot Event Detection by Multimodal Distributional Semantic Embedding of Videos” at AAAI, Pheinix, AZ         Feb. 2016

·       Poster: “Language Guided Visual Perception”. CVPR16 Doctoral Consortium,                                                                   July 2016

·       Talk:Weather Classification with deep Convolutional Neural Networks” at ICIP 2015, Monterial, Canada                          Sept. 2015

·       Talk:Overlapping Domain Cover for Scalable and Accurate Kernel Regression Machines” at BMVC 2015, Swansea, UK     Sept. 2015

·       Talk: “Generalized Twin Gaussian Processes using Sharma-Mittal Divergence” at ECML-PKDD, Portugal, Portugal             Sept. 2015

·       Poster: “Learning Hypergraph-regularized Attribute Predictors”, at CVPR , Boston,  MA                                                                              June. 2015

·       Poster: “Tell and Predict: Kernel Classifier Prediction for Visual Classes from Text Descriptions” CVPR W, Boston,  MA     June 2015

·       Poster: “Write a Classifier: Zero Shot Learning Using Purely Textual Descriptions”, at ICCV, Sydney, AU                           Dec. 2013

·       Poster: “Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation”, at ICCV W, Sydney, AU                                                                          Dec. 2013