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IPPLEX Corporation , Los Angeles, USA

Position: Computer Vision Research Intern

Period: May 2012 to August 2012



+ Analytical study of the SIFT Matching on various parametersettingsThis project was an experimental evaluation of SIFTMatching based different settings including (JPEG compression (Model and TestImage), different resolution, w/wo clutter [artificial features], w/woUpSampling). The recommendations  of thisstudy was important especually .

      Year: 2012

      Tools: C++, Python

      Responsibilities: Complete design and Implementation.


+ Discriminative Image Classification:Co-segmentation Approach: This projects seeks to classifyimages that may share common regions correctly by extracting probability imagethat indicate for each region probability of being discriminative. Then theseprobabilities are used in a proposed classification algorithm. This prosedalgorithm adopts a graph cut approach to determine discriminative regions anduse the correlation and matching between the pair of images to determine theprobability image.

      Year: 2012

      Tools: C++, Python,

      Responsibilities: Complete design and implementation.