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HOI Group Experience

Position: SeniorSoftware Design Engineer

Period: April 2007 to April 2011

CoreResponsibilities: Building mathematical cores, High level Design, Programming.




+ Medical Image Manipulator (MIM): MIMis a product planned to manipulate patients’ DICOM files. It performs imagefiltering tasks on medical images, such as chromosome segmentation forKaryotyping automation. The core of the project included an open source librarycustomized to read and render DICOM files, an implementation of major imageenhancement filters (sharpening, blurring, edge detection, etc), and animplementation of affine image transformations for Regions OfInterest (ROI), in addition to non-linear transformations using thinplate interpolation. Regarding Karyotyping automation, chromosomesegmentation adopted morphological enhancement filters and level setsegmentation. The initial version was based on watershed and active contours,although Level Set segmentation was better in terms of accuracy androbustness.


      Year: 2007

      Tools:Delphi, C++.

      Responsibilities:Complete design and implementation.


+ Softoria Poles: is a product to be used by civil engineers to perform structural analysis. The product has the following main features.

·           Ability to analyze forces for Weight and Windload.

·           Support of automatic calculation of Wind Shielding factor using numericalmethods.

·           Ability to design different typesof cross section (Polygonal, Circular, Square, Angle and Channel). Furthermore,the system supports any number of openings to any of circular, polygonal andsquare cross sections.

·           Ability todesign connections(Flange, Spigot), the productsupport design using3 codes (BSEN40, ASHTOO and ILE).

·           Safety check for all supported crosssections.

·           OpenGL Rendering engine to view pole in 3D.

·           Support of overlapped segments, adding fixtures, cross arms, point load.


 Year:2008 to present

 Tools:C++ CLI, C#, VS.Net 2008

 Responsibilities: Designand implementation of Safety, Design and Graphics Modules.


+ Softoria Monopole shop drawing: is a product   performing Shop Drawingwork, normally done by engineers. The product gets monopole specs fromthe civil engineersand generates AUTOCAD shop drawings that can be directly used for monopole manufacturing.


Year: 2009 to present

Tools: C++ CLI, C#, VS.Net 2008

Responsibilities: Design andimplementation of Graphics Module and part of

                           Shop Drawing (Openings, Antennas, AntennaPlatforms)



+ Softoria PalmTreeAnalyzer: is a product whose function is to enter specs of anartificial palm tree, used for communication, Then analyze wind and weightforces on it considering wind shielding. Simultaneously a 3D model of the palmtree is rendered with loads and analysis result visualized on the model.


Year: 2010 to present

Tools: C++ CLI, C#, VS.Net 2008

Responsibilities: CompleteDesign and implementation.