Software and Hardware Skills

Deep LearningCaffe (2 years), Theano (fair), Torch(fair)
 Programming Languages.C/C++ (8 yrs), C# (8 yrs), Python (5 yrs), Java(3 yrs),Assembly  (3 yrs), Embedded C/C++ (5 yr), Delphi (5 yr), Prolog (5 yrs).
Design Patterns Creational (Singleton, Factory, etc), Behavioral   (Command, observer, etc), structural (composite,decorator, etc), Architecture (MVC)   
GUI Tools  MFC VC++, QT C++, Eclipse, Visual Studio.Net.
Database Tools   MS SQL, Oracle 10g, Rational Rose.
Processors and Microcontrollers  8085, 8086, 8051, AT89C51.
Proficient Programming Knowledge MATAB 
Proficient Knowledge of Visual C#.Net and ASP.Net. 
Platforms   Ubuntu , MacOS, Windows
Networking and Messaging  Socket Programming, .Net Remoting, Message pipes. 
Parallel Programming      MPI on (PC and Blue Gene P) , OpenMP.
GPU Programming     NVidia CUDA SDK, OpenCL.
Embedded Vision  LeanXCAM (standalone camera with DSP ).
Computer Graphics    OpenGL, DirectX.
Computer Vision libraries  OpenCV, HTK, VTK, VLFeat
Machine Learning tools     ANN .Net Library, HMM library. SVM.Net, LibSVM, GPML
Programmable platforms  FPGA, VHDL, DSP.
Math Software          Maple, Mathematica    
Matrix Algebra and Calculus
 GCMEX (Graph Cut MultiLabel)