Summer 2013
Differential Geometry for Computer Science

Some good papers

Discrete frame introduced in: The resultant electric moment of complex molecules Eyring, Physical Review, 39(4):746—748, 1932.

Apps(Discrete Curves)
Structure Determination of Membrane Proteins Using Discrete Frenet Frames and Solid State NMR Restraints, Achuthan and Quine, Discrete Mathematics and its Applications, ed. M. Sethumadhavan (2006)

Discrete Frenet Frame, Inflection Point Solitons, and Curve Visualization with Applications to Folded ProteinsHu, Lundgren, and Niemi, Physical Review E 83 (2011)

Discrete Elastic Rods Bergou, Wardetzky, Robinson, Audoly, and Grinspun, SIGGRAPH 2008

There is more than one way to frame a curve, Richard L. Bishop, 1975

Spring 2013

I liked this article about successful Grad Students

Fall 2012

1) Park, C., Huang, J.Z., Ding, Y., 2011. Domain Decomposition Approach for Fast Gaussian Process Regression of Large Spatial Data Sets. Journal of Machine Learning Research 12, 1697−1728

2) Boyd, S., Parikh, N., Chu, E., Peleato, B., Eckstein, J., 2011. Distributed optimization and statistical learning via the alternating direction method of multipliers. Now Publishers.


4) Computational Geometry , Algorithms and Applications,Mark de Berg (Author), Otfried Cheong (Author), Marc van Kreveld (Author), Mark Overmars (Author), 2008

5) Handbook of Mathematical Models in Computer Vision,Nikos Paragios (Editor), Yunmei Chen (Editor), 2010

6) Introduction to smooth Manifolds, Lee ,Springer, 2012

Spring 2012

1) Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning,, Bishop, 2006

2) Notes on Di.erential Geometry and Lie Groups, Jean Gallier, Department of Computer and Information Science
University of Pennsylvania.

Fall 2011

Artigfiical Intelligence Modern Approach