Work Experience

Company  Position Accomplishements
 SRI International, Vision  and Learning Group, Summer 2014,
Princeton, NJ, USA
 Research InternIn this position, I was involved in designing a new ZSL method adopting on Google word2vec for Multimedia Event Detection (MED). This work ended up with a novel Zero-Shot Event Detection method that outperforms the state-of-art based on distributional semantic embedding of multimodal information in videos (e.g. Actions, objects, ASR, OCR). I won Best Intern Award (Silver) for this work from SRI. This work was submitted to one of the premier conferences.
 IPPLEX,  Computer Vision Group,
Summer 2012,
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Research Intern I completely designed and implemented the following two projects during this internship. More Details 
  1. Analytical study of SIFT Matching on various parameter settings: resulted in my ICIP13 publication C++, Python, Evolution Robotics Libraries. 
  2. Discriminative Image Classification: Co-segmentation Approach: is a Graph-Cut approach for discriminative image classification. Tools: C++, Python, OpenCV, Evolution Robotics Libraries
Future Business Development, summer 2011
Cairo, Egypt
Research Associate I solely built a MATLAB module for stock market prediction and visualization and I was accepted in this internship due to satisfaction of a proposed solution for the problem, that I submitted as a part of my application to this position.

Tools: MATLAB, C#, C++
HOI Group, 2007-2011
Cairo, Egypt
 Research and Development Engineer  I worked in the research and development in four projects. The tools and technologies used in these projects are C/C++/C/Delphi/OpenGL. More details.

 Project my role
 Medical Image Manipulator: is product thatperforms advanced image filtering and transformation tasks on medical images(e.g. chromosome segmentation for karyotyping automation). Complete design and implementation.
 Softoria Poles (CADSystem): is a big software product, used by civil engineers, to performstructural design and analysis of lighting columns and signboards. The projectis decomposed into many modules including safety, structural design, Windshield,and Graphics modules. Software design and implementation of safety, structural design, Windshieldand Graphics modules, which involves solution of computational geometry,numerical integration and computer graphics problems. 
Softoria Monopole shopdrawing (CAD System): is a product that automates Shop Drawing, previously done manually byengineers. The product gets monopole specs from the civil engineers andgenerates AUTOCAD shop drawings that can be directly used for monopolemanufacturing monopole structures.   Software design and implementation of the Graphics Module and theautomatic generation of the shop drawings of Openings, Antennas, and Antenna Platforms. 
Softoria PalmTreeAnalyzer (CAD System): is a product whose function is to take specs of anartificial palm tree, used as a communication Tower. Then, it analyzes wind andweight forces on it considering wind shielding. Simultaneously a 3D model ofthe palm tree is rendered, where loads and analysis result are visualized onthe rendered model. Complete design and implementation.

 Giza Systems, 2006-2007
Cairo, Egypt
 Software Engineer in Test I worked in  "TELECOM EGYPT SYSTEM UPGRADE". this project was done in cooperation with Convergys corporation in England to upgrade the system if TELECOM Egypt().      Tools: MS Word, ORACLE, SQLPlus and Java Responsibilities: Testing of Contracting and Provisioning module.