Structured Regression

  • Mohamed Elhoseiny, Ahmed Elgammal, "Generalized Twin Gaussian Processes using Sharma-Mittal Divergence", Machine Learning Journal, 2015.
  • ECMLPKDD Oral presentation 

Download code with Demo on Toy Example 2

When you run this code you, it should show the results of different methods  below including SMTGP which is 0.10954 in contrast to 0.12601 for KLTGGP in this example. You just need to extract the folder and run TGPSHTestDemoToy2.m. 
Error of KLTGP is: 0.12601
Error of SMTGP is: 0.10954, certainties of SMTGP is: 0.99312, certainties std of SMTGP is: 0.0022776
Error of GP is: 0.14357
Error of WKNN is: 0.18858
WKNN is: 0.16986
GPR is: 0.19011
HSICKNN is: 0.21294
KTAKNN is: 0.19134