Mohamed Elhoseiny, Ph.D., MSc (CS), MSc (CSys).

I will serve as an area chair at ICCV 2021!
I will serve as an area chair at  CVPR 2021!

23 May 2021: I am looking for a passionate and creative postdoc researcher to join the VisionCAIR group @KAUST (https://cemse.kaust.edu.sa/vision-cair), apply here https://apply.interfolio.com/86108.

Assistant Professor of Computer Science at KAUST(King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)      

Current Affiliations
KAUST, Assistant Professor

Stanford University, Graduate School of  Business, Ignite Program  

Rutgers University, MS/PhD Researcher

I worked at 
Stanford University, Visiting Faculty Scholar (2019-2020)

Baidu Research,AI Consultant (March 2019- Sept 2019)               

Facebook AI Research,Postdoc Fellow (Dec 2016- Jan 2019)              

Adobe Research, Research Associate

SRI International, Research Intern
Bio, CV https://www.dropbox.com/s/1yd1cz778lsgasg/ElhoseinyCV2019.pdf 
, linkedin 
Research interests: Computer Vision, Language & Vision,   Computational Creativity (Art | Fashion & AI).  
I co-organized the 1st Workshop on Closing the Loop between Vision and Language, held in conjunction with ICCV 2015 and  2nd Workshop on Closing the Loop between Vision and Language, held in conjunction with ICCV 2017.

I spoke at (Click)

Talks (Highlights) (link for details)


United Nations: My Take on AI for Mother Nature, Nov 2018

My Creative Adversarial Network Demo at the official FAIR video, June 2018


CAN at HBO Silicon Valley ‎‎(Season 5, Episode 3)‎‎, 2018

Work Experience

Assistant Professor of Computer Science at KAUST, Thuwal, SA, Feb 2019-Present

Visiting Faculty at Baidu Silicon Valley AI Lab (SVAIL), Sunnyvale, CA, March 2019-Present

Postdoc Researcher at Facebook AI Research, Menlo Park, CA, Dec 2016-Jan 2019

Computer Vision Research Intern at Adobe Research, Vision Group, San Jose, CA under: Dr. Scott Cohen Liu, Walter Chang, and Brian Price– Summer 2015-Fall 2016

Computer Vision Research Intern at SRI-International, Vision an Learning Group, Princeton, NJ under: Dr. Jingen Liu, Hui Cheng, and Harpreet Sawhney– Summer 2014

Computer Vision Research Intern at IPPLEX Corporation, LA, CA under: Dr. Jeremi Sudol and David McKinnon– Summer 2012

Research & Development Associate at Future Business Development, Cairo, Egypt– under Dr. Adnan Faqeeh – Summer 2011

Senior R&D Software Engineer  (part-time) at House of Invention (HOI) GROUP, Cairo, Egypt 2007-2011

Undergrad-Research Mentor & Teaching Assistant  at Computer Science Department, ASU, Cairo, Egypt2007-2011

Software Testing Engineer at Giza Systems, Cairo, Egypt  2006-2007


Reviewer for IEEE TPAMI Journal
Reviewer for IEEE TMM Journal
Reviewer for IEEE TIP Journal
Reviewer for IEEE TNNLS 
Reviewer for CVPR, ICCV, ECCV conferences
Reviewer for BMVCW
Reviewer for MVA Journal Journal

I will be an area chair, CVPR 2021

Old News

11/2017: Our pa
per "The Shape of Art History in the Eyes of the Machine" got accepted at AAAI 2018
09/2017: Program Committee member  CVPR18 
07/2017: In 2017, I have 2 CVPR (first/co-first author), 1 AAAI (first author), 1 TPAMI (first author), 1 ICCC, 1 book chapter 2017 (first author), 1 US patent, organizing closing the loop between vision and language 2017.
06/2017: US Patent accepted http://www.freepatentsonline.com/y2017/0132526.html
05/2017: We will be organizing the second workshop on Closing the loop between Vision and Language link
03/2017: Two papers accepted to CVPR17
03/2017: Program Commitee member in  Workshop of Large Scale Biometrics :  http://isse.cqu.edu.cn/lssb/
02/2017: 6DS (28K images) and LSC (814K images) datasets was released. That was part of the sherlock project. The trained model2 on LSC is also available. see https://sites.google.com/site/mhelhoseiny/sherlock_project
12/2016: code released, SMTGP (published at the Machine Learning Journal 2015) code released https://sites.google.com/site/mhelhoseiny/computer-vision-projects/structured-regression

11/2016: (first author) AAAI 2017 paper accepted for publication, "Sherlock: Scalable Fact Learning in Images"  
11/2016:  (first author) TPAMI paper accepted for publication
08/2016: ACL 2016 VL presentation of our work on collecting hundreds of thousands of high quality annotations from image-caption datasets.  "Automatic Annotation of structured Facts in Images". The evaluation shows that the precision is >80%.  Dataset released  link
07/2016: Received offers from Adobe Research, PostDocs at Stanford Univeristy, University of Torronto, and Facebook AI Research
06/2016: Visiting Facebook
06/2016:  Presenting our paper at ICML16, "A Comparative Analysis and Study of Multiview CNN Models for Joint Object Categorization and Pose Estimation"
05/2016: Talk and a Poster at the Mid-Atlantic Computer Vision Workshop (MACV), 2016 at JHU link 
04/2016: 1 paper accepted to ICML16 (first-author)!, acceptance rate 24.5%
04/2016: Visiting Disney Research Pittsburgh
04/2016: Visiting UC Berkeley EECS
04/2016: Attending ICLR16 (presenting 1 conference paper (co-first author) and 1 workshop presentation (first-author) ), conference acceptance rate 25%.
04/2016: Attending CVPR16 (presenting 1 conference paper and a Doctoral Consortium poster)
04/2016:  CVPR16  Doctoral Consortium  award!
04/2016:  ICLR16  Travel Award!
03/2016: 1 paper accepted to CVPR 2016, "SPDA-CNN: Unifying Semantic Part Detection and Abstraction for Fine-grained Recognition".
02/2016: 1 paper accepted to  ICLR 2016, "Digging Deep into the layers of CNNs: In Search of How CNNs Achieve View Invariance"
11/2015: 1 paper accepted to WACV 2016, "Joint Object Recognition and Pose Estimation using a Nonlinear View-invariant Latent Generative Model"
10/2015: 1 paper accepted to AAAI 2016, "Zero Shot Event Detection by Multimodal Distributional Semantic Embedding of Videos"

12/02/2015 We finalized the program for ICCV15 workshop on Closing the loop between Vision and Language, Chile, Dec 17, 2015. link

11/12/2015  Our paper "Zero Shot Event Detection by Distributional Semantic Embedding of Videos" has been accepted in AAAI-16.

10/22/2015 Our paper "Joint Object Recognition and Pose Estimation using a Nonlinear View-­Invariant Latent Generative Model" has been accepted in WACV16.
10/05/2015 Call for extended abstracts for ICCV15 workshop on Closing the loop between Vision and Language, Chile, Dec 17, 2015.  https://sites.google.com/site/clvlworkshop/. Tentative deadline for abstracts is 10/30/2015.

07/01/2015 Our paper "Overlapping Domain Cover for Scalable and Accurate Kernel Machines" got accepted in BMVC 2015 (oral)

06/10/2015 Our workshop proposal "Closing the Loop Between Language and Vision" got accepted at ICCV 2015. We are inviting full papers in this area. 

06/01/2015 Our paper "Weather Classification with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks" got accepted in ICIP 2015 (oral)

04/12/2015 Our manuscript  "Generalized Twin Gaussian Processes using Sharma-Mittal Divergencegot accepted in the International Machine Learning Journal, Springer. The manuscript will be presented at ECMLPKDD 2015 (Journal Track), Porto, Portugal. Journal Track of ECMLPKDD is usually <10% acceptance rate. 

03/02/2015 Our paper "Learning Hypergraph-regularized Attribute Predictors" got accepted in CVPR15

01/10/2015 Our manuscript  "Text to Multi-level MindMaps: A Novel Method for Hierarchical Visual Abstraction of Natural Language Text" got accepted in the International Journal of Multimedia Tools and Applications

08/15/2014 , Received a best Intern award, Silver at SRI International (below is a picture with Prof. Rakesh Kumar, the president of SRI-International, Princeton),             

08/01/2014, Received Travel Grant by my department for ICIP 2014

06/19/2014, An NSF proposal by my advisor based on our "Write a Classifier" ICCV13 results got accepted by NSF and we received  about 500,000$ from which my PhD thesis is funded this year. You can see that the proposal title has same name.  http://www.cs.rutgers.edu/news/articles/2014/06/19/prof-elgammal-awarded-nsf-grant/

06/01/2014, A paper has been accepted to ICIP14.

03/15/2014 , I am going to a summer intern for 2014 at SRI-International, Vision and Learning Group

10/30/2013, Travel Award by PAMI 450$ for ICCV13

 10/01/ 2013, A Workshop short paper at VisDA workshop at ICCV13

08/30/ 2013, A paper has been accepted in ICCV13

08/15/2013, Won the travel award from Rutgers to Melbourne to present my ICIP13 paper

A paper has been accepted in CVPRW, SISM, 04/27/ 2013, "MultiClass Object Classification in Video Surveillance Systems - Experimental Study", CVPRW,SISM, 2013

A paper has been accepted in ICIP, 2013, titled "Low-Bitrate benefits of JPEG Compression on SIFT Recognition"