Talks and Demos


My Creative Adversarial Network Demo at the official FAIR video, June 2018


United Nations: My Take on AI for Mother Nature, Nov 2018


CAN at HBO Silicon Valley ‎(Season 5, Episode 3)‎, 2018

 Facebook F8 (The annual high impact Facebook Conference) Presentation, May 2018 with Camille Couprie  (Click to Watch)

·        Talk: “Imagination Inspired Vision”, Google Cloud AI Research, Sunnyvale,  May, 2019

·        Talk: “Imagination Inspired Vision”, UC BerkeleyBerkeley,  April, 2019

·        Talk: “Imagination Inspired Vision”, Stanford UniversityStanford,  April, 2019 (Stanford Vision Lab and Geometric Computing)

·        Talk: “Imagination Inspired Vision”, AAAI Symposium on Imagination based AI, Stanford University, March, 2019

·       Talk: “Imagination Inspired Vision”, Twitch, San Francisco, March, 2019

·       Talk: “Imagination Inspired Vision”, Adobe Research, San Jose, February, 2019

·       Talk: “Imagination Inspired Vision”, Baidu Research, Sunnyvale, February,  2019

·       Talk: “Imagination Inspired Vision”, Google Brain,  Mountain View, January, 2019

·       Talk: “Immaginative AI for Mother Nature.”, United Nation Biodiversity Conference,  November, 2018

·       Talk:  “Imagination Inspired Vision”,  the first annual FAIR conference on October, 2018

·       Talk:  invited talk at Technical University of Munich in a workshop preceeding ECCV18, Sept, 2018

·       Talk:  Oral presentation at the main Facebook F8  conference, May, 2018,

·       TalkDesIGN: Design Inspiration from Generative Networks”, GAN symposium,  Facebook,  Menlopark, CA                        Nov, 2017

·       Demo “Creative AI @ FB”,  NIPS,  Longbeach, CA                                                                                                                    Dec, 2017

·       Talk “Creative Adversarial Networks”, GAN symposium, Facebook,  Menlopark, CA                                                               Nov, 2017

·       Talk “Creative Adversarial Networks”, the best of AI meeting, Disney Innovation Group, Burbank, CA                                    Sept, 2017

·       Talk “AI Research at Facebook” Representing FAIR to executives of industrial partners, Facebook,  Menlopark, CA              July, 2017

·       Talk: “Sherlock: Scalable Fact Learning in Images” at AAAI, San Francisco, CA                                                             Feb. 2017

·       PhD Defense: “Language Guided Visual Perception”, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ                                               Sept. 2016

·       Talk: “Teaching Machines to See with Language”, Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA                                                  July 2016

·       Talk: “Teaching Machines to See with Language”, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA                                  May 2016

·       Talk: “Teaching Machines to See with Language”, Disney Research, Piitsburgh, PA                                                       April 2016

·       Talk: “Teaching Machines to See with Language”, Mid-Atlantic Meeting on Computer Vision,” John Hopkins University    May 2016

·       Talk:Zero Shot Event Detection by Multimodal Distributional Semantic Embedding of Videos” at AAAI, Pheinix, AZ         Feb. 2016

·       Poster: “Language Guided Visual Perception”. CVPR16 Doctoral Consortium,                                                                   July 2016

·       Talk:Weather Classification with deep Convolutional Neural Networks” at ICIP 2015, Monterial, Canada                          Sept. 2015

·       Talk:Overlapping Domain Cover for Scalable and Accurate Kernel Regression Machines” at BMVC 2015, Swansea, UK     Sept. 2015

·       Talk: “Generalized Twin Gaussian Processes using Sharma-Mittal Divergence” at ECML-PKDD, Portugal, Portugal             Sept. 2015

·       Poster: “Learning Hypergraph-regularized Attribute Predictors”, at CVPR , Boston,  MA                                                                              June. 2015

·       Poster: “Tell and Predict: Kernel Classifier Prediction for Visual Classes from Text Descriptions” CVPR W, Boston,  MA     June 2015

·       Poster: “Write a Classifier: Zero Shot Learning Using Purely Textual Descriptions”, at ICCV, Sydney, AU                           Dec. 2013

·       Poster: “Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation”, at ICCV W, Sydney, AU                                                                          Dec. 2013