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IPPLEX Corporation , Los Angeles, USA

Position: Computer Vision Research Intern

Period: May 2012 to August 2012



+ Analytical study of the SIFT Matching on various parameter settingsThis project was an experimental evaluation of SIFT Matching based different settings including (JPEG compression (Model and Test Image), different resolution, w/wo clutter [artificial features], w/wo UpSampling). The recommendations  of this study was important especually .

      Year: 2012

      Tools: C++, Python

      Responsibilities: Complete design and Implementation.


+ Discriminative Image Classification: Co-segmentation Approach: This projects seeks to classify images that may share common regions correctly by extracting probability image that indicate for each region probability of being discriminative. Then these probabilities are used in a proposed classification algorithm. This prosed algorithm adopts a graph cut approach to determine discriminative regions and use the correlation and matching between the pair of images to determine the probability image.

      Year: 2012

      Tools: C++, Python,

      Responsibilities: Complete design and implementation.